Because Green Recovery Counts

We are calling for the EU and national governments to move to a sustainable and resilient economy as part of recovering from the pandemic.

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Because Green Recovery Counts
Young Professionals initiatives
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Because people count.

21 December 2021, Publication

Our SME work: 2020 and 2021

26 November 2021, News

Sustainability will never do without governments

22 November 2021, Publication

Audit facts: what you need to know on audit, auditors and supervision

12 November 2021, News

Time to deliver on high quality sustainability reporting

8 November 2021, Publication

Organisation of the public oversight of the audit profession in 30 European countries

8 November 2021, Publication

Implementation of the 2014 EU Audit Directive and regulation in 30 European countries

3 November 2021, Publication

FAQs on sustainability information assurance

2 November 2021, Publication

Non-audit services and auditor’s independence

28 October 2021, Podcast

There’s no creation like co-creation: sustainability reporting standards

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21 January 2022


14 January 2022

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7 January 2022

PublicationOur SME work: 2020 and 2021

21 December 2021

Consultation responseIASB’s exposure draft on disclosure requirements: a pilot approach and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon

17 December 2021

UpdateAudit Policy

14 December 2021

UpdateSME Update

10 December 2021


9 December 2021

In the mediaSustainability reporting: why should SMEs care?

3 December 2021

UpdateTax Policy

2 December 2021

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