Our corporate social responsibility

Because CSR counts

To do more for our planet and for others, our team includes Accountancy Europe’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) in all choices we make.

Our 3 CSR objectives

This is an organisation-wide initiative which aims at being responsible towards the environment, society and our stakeholders.

1. Environment

We started by making our offices and our events more sustainable.

For example:

  • print less
  • switch to reusable bottles
  • hire sustainable suppliers
  • decrease food waste
  • encourage local, vegetarian and organic products for catering
  • select green venues for events
  • encourage use of public transport to get to our offices
  • offer online meetings to reduce air travel
1. Environment

2. Society

Our team volunteers to give back to society, for example in:

  • The Shoes Box les Samaritains from 2018 to 2022
  • Serve the City Brussels initiative
  • World Clean-up Day
2. Society

3. Stakeholders

We create partnerships with other Brussels trade associations, to take coordinated actions and be more impactful in our efforts together. For example:

  • host the first ‘Responsible Associations meeting’ between Brussels based associations to discuss reducing food waste
3. Stakeholders