8 January 2016 — Consultation Response

FEE responds to the EC’s public consultation on relaunch of the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)


The European Commission has relaunched the proposals (first put forward in 2011) for a CCCTB as its main tool for fighting against aggressive corporate tax planning, while contributing to a favourable investment climate.
In its response, FEE emphasises that the CCCTB should be something that helps bring the EU together and should not just be seen as an anti-avoidance measure. The CCCTB could be also effective in making tax competition between Member States more transparent though. Furthermore, FEE stresses the importance of considering the CCCTB system within the developing international tax environment to ensure maximal consistency, such as with the OECD’s anti-BEPS project.

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FEE response to the EC’s public consultation on relaunch of the CCCTB

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