8 February 2023 — Publication

Multi-stakeholder analysis of corporate failures

Multi-stakeholder analysis of corporate failures

Corporate incidents are very likely in today’s highly uncertain environment. Global crises, new business practices, evolving stakeholder expectations and technology give rise to new ways of doing business. This comes with opportunities but also risks.
This paper discusses solutions to reinforce the corporate sector’s resilience by mitigating the risk of corporate incidents. The most effective means for this is through collective learning.

Learning from corporate incidents is already happening. However, this often takes place in silos while lawmakers provide quick fix or makeshift solutions. It is in the public interest to develop better solutions. Only a systemic approach that promotes collective learning can deliver meaningful improvements.

This publication explores a Corporate Resilience Network (CRN), which would provide a multi-stakeholders approach to analysing corporate incidents and draw learning points. The CRN would provide recommendations for systemic improvements based on real-life experience, with input from all corporate ecosystem stakeholders.