26 November 2015 — News

TAXE Committee drives the tax debate forward

TAXE Committee drives the tax debate forward



Brussels, 26 November 2015

FEE welcomes the report on tax rulings and other measures similar in nature or effect that the European Parliament adopted yesterday. The report addresses key political challenges in the field of tax. It promotes a more coordinated, cooperative and transparent approach with common definitions to taxation in the EU.

FEE supports transparency and measures fostering fair competition and a level playing field between enterprises. We are furthermore committed to addressing public concerns on tax issues.

“Illegal tax practices are unacceptable”, FEE President Petr Kriz stated. “Policy makers need to draft concise legislation with clear definitions. This brings legal certainty for tax payers and their advisors. If sanctions are deemed necessary, they should be based on clear legal guidelines rather than on diffuse concepts of tax fairness.”

FEE CEO Olivier Boutellis-Taft added: “the profession is essential for the smooth operation of our tax systems. Tax experts help taxpayers, especially those operating cross-border, to comply with laws and regulations. Common guidelines for tax advisory services can help restore public trust, however drafting such guidelines whilst ensuring a level playing field will be challenging. This is due to the current diversity of service providers operating under different, and often very complex, national legal systems.”

The European Parliament will vote on another draft report next week, Bringing transparency, coordination and convergence to corporate tax policies in the Union. This report covers similar key policy areas on tax, and FEE looks forward to a clear and consistent message from the Parliament to all key stakeholders.

Addressing limitations in the existing tax systems at national and EU-levels is a great challenge. FEE, as the representative of the European accountancy profession, is committed to playing its role in identifying challenges, proposing solutions, and helping convert legislators’ visions for a 21st century tax system into reality.


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