17 April 2015 — News

European Parliament asks FEE for views on tax

European Parliament asks FEE for views on tax


As a key stakeholder in this area, FEE was invited by the Parliament’s Special Committee on Tax Rulings (TAXE) for an exchange of views .

At the TAXE meeting of 16 April 2015, FEE CEO Olivier Boutellis-Taft made clear that the European accountancy profession is committed to help design a tax system fit for the 21 century. This includes simplifying the international tax system and making tax rulings more transparent. The tax policy debate is a matter for society as whole and needs to be considered in today’s global and digital economy.

Please see his speaking notes and you can watch the video of the hearing (from 11:28 on, works best via Internet Explorer browser).

TAXE Committee members posed various questions to Mr Boutellis-Taft during the hearing. In order to better respond to their inquiries, FEE addressed these in a written response to the TAXE Committee on 8 May 2015.

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