Shaping the future of corporate reporting


Shaping the future of corporate reporting


To continue the debate on the future of corporate reporting, Accountancy Europe took steps to further develop some of the points put forward in its 2015 discussion paper: the increasing importance of non-financial information and the interconnection with financial information, the development and coordination of non-financial information frameworks, the ‘CORE & MORE’ reporting model, and technology as a driver and enabler of change. This event served as a platform for Accountancy Europe and participants to gather views from key stakeholders.



Videos of Speeches & Panel Debates

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  • 10:00 - 11:00


  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Opening and Welcome

    Prof. Dr. Edelfried Schneider, Accountancy Europe, President

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Launch of Cogito paper and Call for action

    Mark Vaessen, Accountancy Europe, Chair of the Corporate Reporting Policy Group

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Keynote speech

    Hans Hoogervorst, IASB, Chairman

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Q&A: Reaction to the keynote speech, the Cogito paper and the Call for action

    Richard Howitt, IIRC, CEO

  • 12:15 - 13:15


  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Matching expectations with propositions

    Adrie Heinsbroek, NN Investment Partners, Head of Responsible Investment

    Els De Groot, Schiphol, Former CFO

    Massimo Romano, Generali, Head of Group Integrated Reporting

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Non-financial information reporting: Are we ready?

    Ian Mackintosh, Corporate Reporting Dialogue, Chair

    Robyn Leeson, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI),Vice-Chair of the Global Sustainability Standards Board

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Coffee break

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    How standard setters and regulators foster innovation?

    Andreas Barckow, Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (DRSC), President

    Patrick de Cambourg, Accounting Standard Setter of France (ANC), President

    Roxana Damianov, European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA), Team Leader

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    The digital future of corporate reporting

    Sander Klous, KPMG, Partner

    Alain Deckers, Accounting and financial reporting at DG FISMA, Head of unit

    Phil Fitz-Gerald, Financial Reporting Lab, Director

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Closing remarks

    Olivier Boutellis-Taft, Accountancy Europe, CEO

  • 02:25 - 02:25

    Networking Cocktail