9 March 2022

War in Ukraine – responses from the accountancy profession

The invasion of Ukraine has devastating impacts. We condemn the Russian government’s attacks on Ukraine and are concerned about all people affected by these acts of war.

This page lists an overview of responses from our Members, national accountancy bodies, so far.

Accountancy Europe

KSW (Austria)

IRE/IBR (Belgium)

ITAA (Belgium)

IDES (Bulgaria)

HRK (Croatia)

ICPAC (Cyprus)

FSR (Denmark)

ST (Finland) 

IDW (Germany)

CAI (Ireland)

CPA (Ireland)

CNDCEC (Italy)

IRE (Luxembourg)

OEC (Luxembourg)

MIA (Malta)

NBA (Netherlands)

DnR (Norway)

CAFR (Romania)

FAR (Sweden)

CCAB (5 joint bodies)





Other professional accountancy bodies

CPA Canada

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