Members’ Webinar Series

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Members’ Webinar Series

On 21 October, we held a members only webinar that featured strategic updates from Brussels.

We started the day with an EU policy update from our Head of Advocacy Eleni Kanelli. She gave an overview of upcoming European and international developments being monitored by the team.

In the next session, Martin De Bie, Technology Advisor for Accountancy Europe’s SME Team exchanged views with our colleagues on the accountants’ role in SME digitalisation. We also heard from MEP Henna Virkkunen on how EU legislation can foster the ongoing transition.

Wim Bartels and Rami Feghali, our Sustainable Finance Group Chair and Vice-Chair, had an in-depth conversation on the challenges and opportunities for the profession regarding sustainable finance.

Listen now to the exclusive interview between Wim and Rami:

We then turned to the topic of audit policy, where our Audit and Assurance Policy Group Chair experts addressed recent developments in Europe. In addition to gaining valuable insight, participants exchanged views regarding ongoing Accountancy Europe projects.

The last session was dedicated to corporate governance, during which our CEO Olivier Boutellis-Taft interviewed Mathilde Mesnard, the OECD’s Deputy Director for Financial and Enterprise Affairs. They discussed preparing the profession for how the EU’s Green Deal would impact the corporate governance framework.

With over 90 participants joining, the webinar brought our members the information they need to stay on top of the debate in Brussels.

See the detailed agenda and more information on the meeting page (members only).