3 March 2023 — News

Finnish auditors gearing up for a comprehensive ESG training

with Ingalill Aspholm from ST

Finnish auditors gearing up for a comprehensive ESG training

The Finnish Association of Authorised Public Accountants teamed up with ST-Akatemia to train businesses and auditors on how to integrate corporate sustainability in their operations. This is of critical importance as the European Commission’s recent Corporate Reporting Sustainability Directive increases sustainability reporting requirements. The CSRD also comes with new education requirements for auditors to provide assurance on sustainability information.

What were the main drivers behind this initiative?

The main motivation in creating this programme was to ensure that there are enough auditors in Finland with the necessary ESG knowledge to carry out the assurance of sustainability reporting and provide ESG consulting services to businesses. This programme also highlights the important societal role of auditors in creating a sustainable future and strengthens their position in the constantly changing operational environment. The first run of the programme in 2022 was a success, and now an even better programme is being offered for the year 2023.

What are the main topics covered?

The The ESG comprehensive training programme covers ESG topics and sustainability reporting specific to Finland. It combines theoretical concepts with practical application through corporate case studies and workshops. Participants receive guidance from experienced experts in the field through an online course and three modules.

The training programme consists of four parts that include:

  • introduction to sustainability reporting
  • 1. sustainability reporting in the changing operational environment
  • 2. sustainability reporting in practice
  • 3. assurance of sustainability reporting
Who can enrol in the programme?

The ESG Training Programme is geared towards auditors and members of assurance teams, but anyone is welcome to enrol in the introductory online course and Module 1. The programme aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to carry out assurance of sustainability reporting according to relevant standards and criteria. It also helps participants draw informed conclusions and provide recommendations for the improvement of a company’s sustainable operations.

The programme spreads over a 9-month period and requires approximately 60 hours of study. Those who successfully complete the programme and exams will be awarded the ESG Assurance Provider certificate.


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