8 July 2009 — News

Call to Enhance Sustainability in the Public Sector

Call to Enhance Sustainability in the Public Sector


FEE organised a Roundtable discussion on “Accounting, Sustainability and the Public Sector – policy and accountability, a route map” with a keynote speech provided by MEP Richard Howitt, European Parliament Rapporteur on Corporate Social Responsibility, and a Roundtable panel with high level experts.

In the current climate of financial and economic crisis, FEE wishes to raise the strategic importance of sustainability in the private and public sector and also the role public sector organisations can play. The debate with senior experts from national governments, GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), auditors, academics and FEE focused on four topics:

– Policy and Accountability,
– Reporting on Sustainability,
– Operational Excellence by government and government agencies,
– Role of EU in Climate Change.

The objective of the Roundtable was to identify how sustainability in the public sector can be improved and integrated into policy-making and reporting with the help of best practice examples in individual countries and at European level.

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