• Capital: Budapest 
  • Population: approx. 10,000,000 
  • Language: Hungarian 
  • Part of the EU since: 2004

Member Bodies

Professional bodies

(non-Accountancy Europe member)
MembershipVoluntary (membership is required to perform statutory audit)Voluntary
No. of members4,3721,178
Institute staff41Information not available
Date of establishment19972001
Local branches19No
Subject to public oversightYesNo
Public oversight authorityAuditors’ Public Oversight Authority (KKH)N/A
Involvement in Qualification and Market AccessMKVKMKOE
Initial educationYesNo
Approval and registrationYesNo
Continued Professional DevelopmentYesNo
Standard settingYesNo
Quality assuranceYes (only audits of non-PIEs, PIEs: KKH)No
Disciplinary measuresYes (only audits of non-PIEs, PIEs: KKH)No


Registered accountant
(Mérlegképes könyvelő)
Professional bodyMKVKMKOE
Protected titleYesYes
Reserved activitiesStatuary auditBookkeeping, authorised to prepare annual financial reports
Include authorisationsEvaluation, review, assessment, certification, advisory services, taxation, accounting, professional training, conducting examinations in accountancy, controlling, bookkeeping servicesPublishing of annual report, accountants have the right to represent their clients before tax authorities


AuditorsRegistered accountant
Regulated professionYesYes
Public oversight authorityAuditors’ Public Oversight Authority (KKH)Ministry of Finance


AuditorsRegistered accountant
General initial education steps (without possible exemptions)• University degree (Master or Bachelor)

• Qualification as chartered accountant

• At least one year of professional experience
• Minimum: baccalaureate from grammar school or other secondary school

• Qualification as chartered accountant

• At least three years of professional experience

• Accountants can apply for registration at the Ministry


AuditorsRegistered accountant
No. of qualified professionals4,28652,840
(As indicated on the website of the Ministry for National Economy)
No. of new trainees per year101Information not available
No. of people taking the professional examination57Information not available
No. of people passing the professional examination44Information not available

Market access – Qualified professionals

AuditorsRegistered accountant
Registration requiredYesYes
Competent authority for registrationChamber of Hungarian AuditorsMinistry of Finance
Cost of appointment/ registrationOne-off fee: 25 THUF (approx. €74) for auditors, 50 THUF (approx. €147) for firms9 THUF (approx. €26)
Oath requiredYesNo
Insurance requiredYesNo
Professional address requiredYes, residency in HungaryNo