The Prince’s A4S workshop on implementing the TCFD recommendations


The Prince’s A4S workshop on implementing the TCFD recommendations

Join us for a workshop co-organized with The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S). Designed for senior financial professionals, this workshop will provide peer to peer examples of the practical steps that can be taken to adopt the TCFD recommendations, with a focus on scenario analysis.

The 4 hour workshop will cover:

  1. An update on the global climate landscape and driving towards 2020
  2. Interactive sessions to help participants identify:
    • where participants are on a TCFD maturity map and how they can progress along it
    • the practical steps they can take to implement the recommendations
    • next steps on using scenario analysis
  3. Presentations by data-preparers on the practical steps to implementing the recommendations including Bloomberg
  4. The ‘data user’s’ point of view – why it matters and what investors will do with these disclosures
  5. An update on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and how this relates to the TCFD Recommendations

Attendees: Those responsible for financial reporting. Please note that a sustainability and/or risk management counterpart is also welcome, but they must be accompanied by their finance colleague as the workshop will focus specifically on finance’s role.
Reserve your place by emailing [email protected].