Audit Quality and Auditor Reporting

FEE-IAASB Lunch debate

Audit Quality and Auditor Reporting

The objective of the lunch debate was to discuss the latest developments in more transparent auditor reporting and in enhancing audit quality. The work of the IAASB in this regard and the impact and usefulness to the work of audit committee members and other corporate governance stakeholders in the EU were also on the agenda.

This roundtable discussion was part of a global outreach exercise that the IAASB is carrying out in 2015. This global outreach includes providing audit committee members, from major capital market centres, with an opportunity to explore issues that are of high importance in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Jointly hosted by FEE and the IAASB, participants included representatives from audit committees and other corporate governance stakeholders. For a summary of the event including a complete list of participants, see the related documents below.


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