Changes to Australian goods and services tax law


Changes to Australian goods and services tax law


The Australian Taxation Office holds a series of business information seminars in key locations around the world to inform about the upcoming changes to Australian goods and services tax (GST) law. Accountancy Europe is pleased to host and contribute to this Brussels session.

These sessions focus on the tax law changes that apply from 1 July 2018 to low value imported goods sold to consumers in Australia. The seminars are designed for online marketplaces, merchants and re-deliverers that supply these goods, and also for advisers and tax professionals.



The information sessions will cover key elements of the changes including:

  • An overview of Australia’s vendor collection model
  • Defining low value imported goods
  • How this affects suppliers and deemed suppliers for GST purposes
  • The rules relating to consumer and business purchases
  • Invoicing and customs information
  • Registration, returns and payments
  • The compliance approach of the ATO
  • A comparison with our GST law on imported services and digital supplies.


More information about the GST changes