3 March 2016 — Consultation Response

The Federation provides views on the IAESB's future strategy and priorities

The International Accounting Education Standards Board (IAESB)’s consultation Meeting Future Expectations of Professional Competence: A Consultation on the IAESB’s Future Strategy and Priorities builds on the foundation for quality education established by its revised IES and the Education Board’s work to support the effective implementation of these standards.

In its response to this consultation, the Federation of European Accountants welcome the completion of the IESs revision project commends the IAESB for its work. However, the Federation believes that the completion of the IAESB’s principal mission should have an impact on its overall mandate. The Federation notes that it is no longer necessary for the IAESB to be fully operational and suggests the IAESB pause its activities. 

The Federation recognises the importance of education and will continue to engage in activities related to the skills of accountancy professionals. It has recently pointed out the need to rethink the education of auditors and other assurance providers to ensure the right skillset for the future in its publication dated January 2016, Pursuing a strategic debate: The future of audit and assurance.


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