20 April 2015 — Consultation Response

FEE makes accountants aware of providing Horizon 2020 certification services


FEE has issued an Information Paper to help get professional accountants involved in certification services for the new EU research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. This programme replaces the previous FP7 and has a budget of nearly €80 billion that can fund innovative businesses via loans, guarantees and risk capital. The European Commission requires a qualified external auditor to certify the financial statements of these companies if their Horizon 2020 funding exceeds €325.000. European professional accountants are well qualified to provides this service; the FEE Information Paper helps them taking up this opportunity.

More information:

  • For our other contributions on audit and assurance, please see the FEE Auditing & Assurance Policy Group
  • Horizon 2020 is only one example of EU funding. Our relevant FEE SMP Info Pack demonstrates how professional accountants can help their SME clients gain access to many different sources of EU finance.

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