21 April 2015 — Consultation Response

FEE comments on proposed update to ethics code for professional accountants in business (PAIBs)


FEE has responded to a consultation by the Ethics Board on amending Part C of the IESBA Code of Ethics that addresses PAIBs. The proposed changes would affect PAIBs regarding ‘Presentation of Information’ and a ‘Pressure to breach the fundamental principles’. In its comments, FEE highlights that the distinct requirements for PAIBs in part C should clearly link to Part A of the Code that sets the fundamental principles for all professional accountants (i.e. integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behavior).

More information:

  • The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) Code of Ethics applies to all professional accountants, whether in public practice, in business, education, or the public sector. All 800,000 accountants that are registered with FEE’s 47 member bodies are required to adhere to the Code’s requirements.
  • The IESBA develops the Code via a rigorous due process; FEE actively contributes to this by participating in the IESBA Consultative Advisory Group and by responding to public consultations.
  • For FEE’s other work in this area please see the FEE Professional Ethics and Competences Working Party

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