Professional accountants support organisations and individuals in complying with their tax obligations. They also help tax administrations develop more effective policies, leverage technology, and fight fraud. Today’s complex tax systems would not work without their involvement. Building on our commitment to the public interest, we consider taxation as a matter for society as whole. We recognise there is a need for change in tax policy and the many different players make consensus difficult to achieve.

Publication, 20 April 2002
Controlled Foreign Company Legislations in the EU
Consultation response, 16 April 2002
Harmonisation of Turnover Taxes and the Special Scheme for Travel Agents
Publication, 17 December 2001
Aspects of the Taxation of Occupational Pensions in the EU
Publication, 10 September 2001
Group Taxation Domestically and Across Borders within Europe
Publication, 21 August 2000
The Fiscal Treatment of the Transfer of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Publication, 7 August 2000
Advance Tax Rulings
Publication, 9 January 2000
The Allocation of Expenses related to Cross-border Dividend Income covered by the Parent Subsidiary Directive
Publication, 6 December 1999
The Common VAT System and Problems linked to the Present VAT System

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