Professional accountants support organisations and individuals in complying with their tax obligations. They also help tax administrations develop more effective policies, leverage technology, and fight fraud. Today’s complex tax systems would not work without their involvement. Building on our commitment to the public interest, we consider taxation as a matter for society as whole. We recognise there is a need for change in tax policy and the many different players make consensus difficult to achieve.

Update, 17 March 2022
Tax Policy
Update, 18 February 2022
Tax Policy
Publication, 14 February 2022
VAT rates – greater flexibility for Member States
Update, 7 January 2022
Tax Policy
Update, 2 December 2021
Tax Policy
Update, 29 October 2021
Tax Policy
Update, 30 September 2021
Tax Policy
Update, 1 September 2021
Tax Policy
Consultation response, 31 August 2021
EC’s consultation on fighting the use of shell entities and arrangements for tax purposes
Publication, 31 August 2021
Sustainable tax system: taxes and the environment
Update, 25 June 2021
Tax Policy
Update, 28 May 2021
Tax Policy

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