Reporting & Transparency

Professional accountants are crucial in supporting markets and society by providing useful, reliable, and relevant information. We advocate high-quality financial and non-financial reporting because transparency is essential for efficient and sustainable economies.

Publication, 7 May 2001
Enforcement Mechanisms in Europe
Publication, 9 April 2001
Modernisation of the Accounting Directives
Publication, 25 December 2000
Accounting Standard Setting in Europe
Publication, 16 October 2000
Analysis of Responses to FEE Discussion Paper Providing Assurance on Environmental Reports
Publication, 11 July 2000
To what extent can options in International Accounting Standards be used for consolidated accounts under the EC Accounting Directives?
Publication, 11 October 1999
A Financial Reporting Strategy within Europe
Publication, 5 April 1999
Comparison of the EC Accounting Directives and IASs

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