Reporting & Transparency

Professional accountants are crucial in supporting markets and society by providing useful, reliable, and relevant information. We advocate high-quality financial and non-financial reporting because transparency is essential for efficient and sustainable economies.

Consultation response, 17 June 2022
US SEC’s climate-related disclosures proposed rule
Event, 18 May 2022
Audit quality: definition, drivers and indicators
Publication, 10 May 2022
Sustainability assurance under the CSRD
Consultation response, 21 April 2022
Letter to Commissioner McGuinness on European sustainability reporting standards
Event, 30 March 2022
CSRD: state of play before the final EU negotiations
Publication, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – what European accountants need to know
Consultation response, 25 January 2022
IASB’s Exposure Draft on Subsidiaries without Public Accountability: Disclosures and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon
Consultation response, 17 December 2021
IASB’s Exposure Draft on Disclosure Requirements: A Pilot Approach and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon
In the media, 3 December 2021
Sustainability reporting: why should SMEs care?
Consultation response, 17 November 2021
EU Taxonomy and Article 8 Delegated Act implementation need clarity
Consultation response, 15 November 2021
IASB’s Exposure Draft: Management Commentary and EFRAG’s Draft Comment Letter
News, 12 November 2021
Time to deliver on high quality sustainability reporting

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