Good Governance & Sustainable Economy

Professional accountants are instrumental in promoting good corporate governance, facilitating a high-quality information flow between management, board, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders. They are essential in a system of checks and balances that contributes to more sustainable and responsible organisations and therefore economies.

Consultation response, 23 September 2004
Preliminary Views on International Accounting Standards for SMEs
Consultation response, 7 September 2004
FEE Comment Letter on EC Working Document on Draft Commission Recommendation on Fostering an Appropriate Regime for the Remuneration of Directors
Press release, 5 July 2004
Europe’s SME Accountants Unite
Publication, 9 June 2004
Assurance for Sustainability
Consultation response, 2 June 2004
FEE Comment Letter on EC Consultation Document on Recommendation on the Role of (independent) Non-Executive or Supervisory Directors (missing link)
Publication, 19 December 2003
A Conceptual Approach to Safeguarding Integrity, Objectivity and Independence Throughout the Financial Reporting Chain
Press release, 1 September 2003
Audit Committee Key to Investor Confidence
Consultation response, 6 August 2003
Report on European Charter for SMEs
Consultation response, 31 July 2003
Corporate Governance and Company Law
Publication, 7 July 2003
The Financial Reporting and Auditing Aspects of Corporate Governance
Consultation response, 25 June 2003
Green Paper Entrepreneurship in Europe
Publication, 21 May 2003
The Role of Accounting and Auditing in Europe

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