Good Governance & Sustainable Economy

Professional accountants are instrumental in promoting good corporate governance, facilitating a high-quality information flow between management, board, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders. They are essential in a system of checks and balances that contributes to more sustainable and responsible organisations and therefore economies.

Event, 27 January 2022
Because Green Recovery Counts
Update, 21 January 2022
SME Update
Update, 14 January 2022
Update, 10 December 2021
SME Update
Update, 9 December 2021
Event, 1 December 2021
How to build a credible green bond market
News, 26 November 2021
Sustainability will never do without governments
Consultation response, 17 November 2021
EC’s consultation on AML/CFT legislative package
Consultation response, 17 November 2021
EU Taxonomy and Article 8 Delegated Act implementation need clarity
Consultation response, 15 November 2021
IASB’s Exposure Draft: Management Commentary and EFRAG’s Draft Comment Letter
Event, 15 November 2021
ESEF in Practice – 2
News, 12 November 2021
Time to deliver on high quality sustainability reporting

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