Young professionals

Stories from Practice, 31 May 2021
Digitalising the accountancy profession: what role for young professionals?
Podcast, 5 March 2021
Get your seat at the top table
Podcast, 19 February 2021
Without human capital, there is no capital
News, 4 January 2021
The most in-demand accounting specialty today? Having none at all.
Event, 16 November 2020
Young Professionals Day 2020
Stories from Practice, 6 January 2020
Developing a values-driven workplace in Romania
Blog, 16 September 2019
Why the accountancy profession attracts young talents
Page, 11 June 2019
Our members’ initiatives for young professionals
Stories from Practice, 6 May 2019
‘Auditor for a Day’ attracts young professionals
Publication, 28 November 2018
Members’ initiatives for young professionals
Stories from practice, 16 April 2018
Mentoring: taking professional development to the next level
Stories from practice, 19 February 2018
Shaping the accountancy leaders of tomorrow

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