Consultation response, 13 November 2008
VAT package – Council Directive amending the VAT Directive as regards the place of supply of services
Consultation response, 1 October 2008
VAT invoicing
Consultation response, 2 June 2008
Review of existing legislation on VAT reduced rates
Consultation response, 18 March 2008
EC proposals regarding Financial and Insurance Services
Consultation response, 5 March 2007
Study to Increase the Understanding of the Economic Effects of the VAT Exemption for Financial and Insurance Services' – Final Report to the EC of 2 November 2006 issued by PwC
Consultation response, 4 April 2005
FEE comment letter responds to the European Commission consultation paper: VAT – The place of supply of services to non-taxable persons. Comment Letter
Consultation response, 30 August 2004
Simplifying VAT Obligations
Press release, 13 May 2004
VAT Must Adapt to the Needs of the Enlarged EU
Consultation response, 23 July 2003
VAT- The Place of Supply of Services
Consultation response, 25 June 2003
Rules Governing the Right to Deduct VAT
Consultation response, 16 April 2002
Harmonisation of Turnover Taxes and the Special Scheme for Travel Agents
Publication, 6 December 1999
The Common VAT System and Problems linked to the Present VAT System

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