News, 5 May 2009
Taxation and Good governance
Press release, 29 April 2009
Sustainability disclosures in financial information can be improved
Press release, 19 January 2009
FEE calls on accountants in organisations of all kinds and sizes to acknowledge their role in embedding sustainability as a core part of strategy and decision-making
Publication, 17 December 2008
Call for Action – Need to Increase Education in Sustainability for Accountants and Management!
Publication, 5 December 2008
Discussion Paper Sustainability Information in Annual Reports – Building on Implementation of the Modernisation Directive
Press release, 5 December 2008
FEE Survey finds that reporting on sustainability in annual reports needs improvement
Publication, 29 April 2008
European Sustainability Reporting Association
Consultation response, 6 December 2006
Assurance on Sustainability Reports
Event, 21 November 2006
Assurance on Sustainability
News, 25 October 2006
GRI releases G3 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Publication, 13 June 2006
Key Issues In Sustainability Assurance – An Overview
Press release, 13 June 2006
European Accountants call for a specific international standard on sustainability assurance

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