Press release, 20 October 2004
Mandatory Rotation of Audit Firms Endangers Audit Quality
Press release, 27 September 2004
European Public Sector Signals Move to International Standards
Press release, 5 July 2004
Europe’s SME Accountants Unite
Press release, 9 June 2004
FEE Calls for Action on CSR Reporting
Press release, 4 June 2004
Europe’s accountants seek global standards for financial instruments
Press release, 13 May 2004
VAT Must Adapt to the Needs of the Enlarged EU
Press release, 31 March 2004
FEE Launches Policy Document on Proposed EU Audit Directive
Press release, 16 March 2004
European Accountants Welcome Revised EU Audit Directive
Press release, 7 January 2004
Call for a European Enforcement Coordination Body for IFRS
Press release, 19 December 2003
Safeguarding the Credibility of Financial Information
Press release, 12 December 2003
Taxation of the Societas Europaea
Press release, 28 October 2003
FEE Supports Global Regulatory Approach

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