Stories from practice, 6 July 2022
Insights from SME accountants: how to keep bringing value to small businesses
Update, 27 May 2022
SME Update
Consultation response, 30 March 2022
EC’s consultation on VAT in the digital age
Event, 25 March 2022
Intellectual property for accountants – train the adviser
Update, 24 March 2022
SME Update
Publication, 24 March 2022
How IP can help build risk resilient SMEs
Publication, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – what European accountants need to know
In the media, 1 March 2022
Accountancy Europe & the EUIPO: working together to support and guide SMEs
Update, 25 February 2022
SME Update
Publication, 14 February 2022
VAT rates – greater flexibility for Member States
Consultation response, 3 February 2022
EC’s consultation on Listing Act: support for ambitious simplified SMEs prospectus
Publication, 28 January 2022
Supply chain sustainability assessment

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