SME access to finance

Press release, 24 November 2015
EU associations trio strongly involved with SMEs forge common CMU position
Speech, 21 October 2015
QED Conference on Common Accounting Standards for SMEs
Consultation response, 20 May 2015
FEE comments on the review of the Prospectus Directive
Consultation response, 20 April 2015
FEE makes accountants aware of providing Horizon 2020 certification services
Consultation response, 10 November 2014
FEE Issues SMP Info Pack on Access to EU Finance
Publication, 19 March 2012
Report – FEE Roundtable Series ‘Access to Finance for SMEs – In Search of Innovative Solutions’
News, 27 January 2012
European SME envoys make life of small enterprises easier
Press release, 5 September 2011
FEE organised a series of Round Tables on ‘Access to Finance for SMEs’ to identify and discuss innovative solutions:
Event, 6 July 2011
Access to Finance for SMEs
Event, 13 October 2010
Access to Finance for SMEs and the Economic Recovery
Event, 6 September 2007
Annual European SMP/SME Congress
Press release, 3 February 2006
Improving SME Access to Finance

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