Audit Committee

Podcast, 23 April 2021
An inside look into the BEIS consultation
Consultation response, 16 July 2018
IOSCO’s report on good practices for audit committees in supporting audit quality
In the media, 8 February 2017
IFAC – Significant Differences in Audit Quality Indicators Developments
Publication, 18 January 2016
The impact of the audit reform on audit committees in Europe
Press release, 3 December 2015
FEE shows significant differences in developments on audit quality
Publication, 23 February 2015
FEE issues a Briefing Paper on Auditor Communication
Publication, 1 August 2014
FEE issues a Briefing Paper on appointment of auditors
Press release, 3 April 2014
News Release : FEE comments on European Parliament vote on audit reform
Press release, 3 April 2013
FEE comments on European Parliament vote on audit reform
Publication, 15 June 2012
Discussion Paper on the Functioning of the Audit Committees
Press release, 15 June 2012
FEE recommends improvements to the functioning of the audit committees
Consultation response, 15 February 2012
FEE Comment Letter on the PCAOB Rulemaking Docket Matter No. 030 on Proposed Auditing Standard related to Communications with Audit Committees, Related Amendments to PCAOB Standards and Transitional Amendments to AU Sec. 380

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