Anti-money laundering

Event, 24 May 2023
Members only: New EU AML rules – What changes for accountants?
Event, 8 November 2022
EU anti-money laundering reforms: building a resilient framework
Publication, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – what European accountants need to know
News, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – responses from the accountancy profession
Consultation response, 17 November 2021
EC’s consultation on AML/CFT legislative package
Consultation response, 28 October 2021
EC’s consultation on guidance on the use of public-private partnerships in the framework of AML/CFT
Team member, 17 September 2021
Chara Georgiou
Blog, 19 July 2021
How to proactively manage money laundering risks?
Blog, 12 July 2021
Money laundering is a real issue: are we doing enough to fight it?
Event, 17 June 2021
Building an effective anti-money laundering ecosystem
Publication, 28 May 2021
Building an effective Anti-Money Laundering ecosystem
Consultation response, 16 December 2020
EC’s Supra National Risk Assessment (SNRA) report

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