What should the future of corporate reporting look like? How can companies inform stakeholders so they can make the make the right decisions?

To start looking for answers, we initiated a Europe-wide debate on corporate reporting’s future, including NFI reporting, and independent NFI assurance.

Since 2014, we have issued 18 publications, 5 events and 2 call for action. We also offered solutions for the future, as we introduced Core & More, a new approach to presenting corporate reports, in 2015. Companies have started using Core & More in practice as you can read here.

This info-graphic provides an interactive overview of our work towards the Future of Corporate Reporting (click below to learn more)

Joint statement on the revision of the non-financial reporting directive in the context of COVID-19 Setting up for high-quality non-financial information assurance in Europe The path to high-quality non-financial information assurance Follow-up paper: Interconnected standard setting for corporate reporting Towards reliable non-financial information across Europe Towards a global non-financial reporting standard setter Interconnected standard setting for corporate reporting Sustainable Finance call to action Factsheet on EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups EU NFI Directives comes into force FEE issues views on the development of consistent high quality non-financial reporting in Europe Disclose what truly matters Disclose what truly matters - Event Enhancing the coordination of non-financial information initiatives & frameworks EU NFI Directive: A comprehensive guide to the national laws - Event Accountancy profession’s contributions to the EU sustainable finance strategy The Future of Corporate Reporting Pursuing the conversation on the Future of Corporate Reporting Shaping the future of corporate reporting - Event Core & More: An opportunity for smarter corporate reporting Annual Integrated Report 2017 Core & More in practice FEE issues views on the role of practitioners in providing assurance on disclosure of non-financial information How to respond to assurance needs on non-financial information Workshop on Assurance over Non-Financial Information Responding to assurance needs on non-financial information Newsletter - Accountancy Europe LinkedIn - Accountancy Europe Twitter - Accountancy Europe

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