5 July 2023

Annual Report 2022

We are pleased to issue our video Annual Report 2022. We’ll start off with reflections from our President and Deputy-President before meeting the team. Walk through our offices in Brussels and learn more about the exciting projects we focused on this year.

Accountancy Europe Members Map 2022


Accountancy Europe Team Board EGExpert Groups

Composed of practitioners who have area-specific knowledge and skills, Expert Groups are at the heart of Accountancy Europe’s daily work. They act as a sounding board and source of expertise.


Based on our strategy, the Board supervises and guides our work. The Board acts in the collective interest of Accountancy Europe and of the whole European profession, independently from any national or sectoral interest.


Our Team executes the strategy. It manages projects and steers the work of the Expert Groups. Consisting of 20 people with diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds based in Brussels, the Team is led by the Chief Executive

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Accountancy Europe’s annual statutory accounts are audited and prepared in accordance with the requirements of Belgian legislation.

You may consult the annual accounts of Accountancy Europe on the National Bank of Belgium’s website:











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